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Monthly Archives August 2016

NEW – Product of the Week – Fidget Toys

Product of the week – Fidget Toy Packs https://www.sensorydirect.com/sense/fidget-toys/fidget-toy-packs.html Available in cotton drawstring bags (small, medium or large) or a sturdy plastic jar (one size). Welcome to our first ‘Product of the Week’ post! Here at Sensory Direct, we hand-pick every product we sell with the needs of our customers in mind, and this new […]

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Cat got your tongue? – Origins of Six Common Idioms

  Image from Grammarly.com   Let’s not beat around the bush; no one uses idioms in everyday life. Maybe once in a blue moon, but anyone who says ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ must be off their rocker. Hang on- I’m only pulling your leg! Idioms are little maxims that have become part of our […]

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