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Monthly Archives May 2015

Weighted Pencils

We have had a number of queries regarding weighted pencils to help with handwriting for those with poor motor skills.   A hwile ago I did an online search and could only find one type of weighted pencil available in the UK priced at nearly £30! Subsequently I had a play around with our Chewbuddy […]

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Wobble cushions for active sitting

Wobble cushions (sometimes called disc cushions or instability cushions) are small round inflatable cushions, strong enough to sit or stand on.  Made from flexible PVC free & latex free material and measuring 35cm.   The cushion can be sat on to create instability (a wobble!) encouraging the user to engage their back and core muscles.   The […]

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What are Wedge Cushions and how do they work?

A Wedge Cushion is an air-filled cushion that when sat on tilts the pelvis forward slightly, enhancing the inward curve of the lower back and encouraging the user to sit more upright. This encouragement to sit properly and correctly reduces strain on the body’s joints and ligaments which in turn helps the proprioceptive sense (which […]

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