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Monthly Archives November 2013

What do Weighted Blankets do?

What do weighted blankets do? This is a common question we are often asked.  Weighted blankets can help those with a poor proprioceptive sense and are “sensory seeking” (for more on proprioception please download our Weighted Therapy Guide). Signs of a poor proprioceptive sense are : Clumsiness Rough play (excessive pushing, shouting, jumping etc) Poor […]

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Weighted jackets now back in stock

Our full range of weighted jackets and weighted vests are now back in stock.  Our weighted jackets are made with a cotton lining which contains 7 strategically placed pockets into which the weights are place.  2 of the pockets are on the shoulders allowing weight to be placed where it’s really needed and most beneficial. […]

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College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference

Great exhibition Friday in Chester tn the Occupational Therapists – Children, Young People & Families – Annual conference.

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